Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fixing the puzzle peaces

 i had  hip surgery for bad Hip Dysplasia  (FemoroacetabularImpingement (periacetabularOsteotomy)  on october 22 2013 I had surgery on my left leg i had a hip PAO , 
My hip  march 2013

new hips November 2013

but on June 10 2014 i had some hear ware just pins taken out because the pins where hurting and i had a bad limp while i walked that hurt! bye bye pins
pins removed june 10 2013

 But it's ok the the smallest pins where under my muscle on my right hip so they had to do more cutting I can't lift my left leg because that muscle got cut
its crazy to think just last week theses pins where inside me, My doctor said the biggest pin was the one that gave me so much pain!After having the pins removed bone and cartliges needs to grow there the holes are now from removing the pins so i am crutches for a few weeks. I am so my mom had the feeling to get my hips checked because i have always walked kinda funny and i would fall alot now i really want to be on top on getting be strength back and getting shape!

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