Saturday, April 26, 2014

ER are no fun :(

hello to all 

the past week has been hard week, most of you know i have had some stomach pain , issues for the past 2 years  I just got my gal bladder out in December I feel better from not having a bad gal bladder inside of me,But last night things and pain got of out of hand the pain i was in a horrible! I had to go home early from work again due to getting sick at work for the 2 time in a week,  I went to the doctor on Tuesday got some more blood work and testing done and they are thinking i have inflammatory bowel disease/Crohns disease  my parents and family are thinking the same doctors are to,The doctors are wanting a  colonoscopy witch will be on Wednesday, But for the past week i haven't been able to keep things down or drink anything, and the pain gets worse when i eat, So yesterday i went to the emergency room because i was in so tummy much pain, they gave me morphine and meds and fluids,I had the sweetest nurse she was amazing I could tell she loved doing what she  does witch is being a ER nurse i am on pain meds now i am home and taking it easy, we are hoping and praying we find answers on Wednesday! please pray for me thanks!  Love y'all 
 Here some pics from yesterday 
They gave me some morphine and atavan,Zofran, toridol 
I feel very weak tonight oh well. This pic was before they gave me drugs 
 What's sleep again? Haven't slept for 2 nights due to Pain , let's just say I slept like a baby last night!
 I am going to take it much easier I still have very low energy and strength  

Friday, April 18, 2014

whats GOING on ?

I just have to say i am loving this warm spring weather! its been so nice out, its so much easier to clean and get things done when you have nice weather windows open and your favorite music up loud, 2 weeks ago i got called to help out in primary it has been such a blessing the kids are so close to the spirit and our Heaven father!They are so smart also i am with the 4 year olds i am an assistant to the teachers in the class the teachers happen to be my 2 best friends, I can feel the Spirit stronger in primary then relief society no offence, they kids are so in tune with music the spirit. I have also been going to special needs mutual  ever  Thursday night and  i have loved it, i have been helping out if the AIDS dont show up its okay, with working and doing SMN,and helping mom and cleaning,haning out with friends i would say im so happy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1 year already?

holy cow! just you all know i am doing well   can you  believe  its been 1 YEAR SINCE my first hip  Dyspepsia surgery crazy right?  its been almost 6 month from getting my right hip down and im doing well! The darn pins and screws are  ready to come out!  We see doctor peters at the university of Utah hospital!I  found out doctor peters is now apart of  IHC hospital like, TOSH orthopedic hospital, inter mountain!Doctor peters is the only doctor who can fix hip  Dyspepsia or HP in INTERMOUNTAIN WEST!I am very grateful that my Heavenly  father has blessed me with one  amazing doctor! I am still working at Deseret industries i went back in  January ( after having hip surgery in October) still but i will need more hip surgery to finish up repairs and removal of screws soon! So will need to take time off  I still haven't rode my bike this year but after i have my hips done soon i am for sure going to get back in shape with riding my bike and more walking hopefully running.running. Earlier this year in January My family and i went to Walt Disney world in Florida i was in a wheel chair because i was still having an hard time walking post surgery, i was only 3 months post of but we did A Lot of walking and so getting a wheel chair was a smart idea, I am doing well now and doing shorter shifts at DI because of shore hips. Thank for for everyone's support and love threw this! I am very blessed much love - TASHA