Wednesday, June 18, 2014


last week i got to go Heber valley girls camp, it was beautiful, and very healing,it was fun because i went it with one of my best friends Caitie, I couldn't stay overnight because i had to get hip surgery the night morning, there was a very special spirit up at camp,its amazing what gods hands crated and seeing his beauty,There was a lake we hiked to and it was very pretty it was fun to see deer just running,We where in bears and deers home see nature at its finest! I love this quote  

it was cool evening glad i had a jacket!

i love how greem its so pretty, its heaven!
I knew everything was going to be ok, as we where getting ready to go home  early i took a hard fall on to my right hip... June 9 2014 This evening I took a hard fall on my right hip it hurt bad. But know I was ok I'm in complete peace, calmness and in no pain. I'm so grateful for the power of priesthood i didn't even know the two men who gave me a blessing i felt at peace even tho i was crying, because i was scared and  had a anxiety attack ,  i had blessing up at Heber valley camp, i have never been so at peace, had  calmness and i wasn't in extreme pain, I had taken a lortab that i had in my purse im so happy i heard the little voice to put a pain pill in my purse :) i cant even explain I'm am so blessed to have so amazing people around me! I have seen heavenly fathers hand so close to me today love you all! Never be afraid to pray

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