Sunday, November 17, 2013


This week has gone by so fast, it was an okay week this week was harder week In my recovery, my favorite part of the week was the weekend! I am able to move a little more each day&each week
I have Learned a lot threw going this recovery, that I never need to be afraid!
 1. Learning to  pray to my father in heaven,and know that he hears and answers prayers 
And he understand our needs, knowing that fath is and keeping my fath string

2.knowing that a trial that we go threw can can make is stronger, and teach me lession I never knew and be able to understand new things and to able to taken them into my daily life. I know Heavenly Father would never give me anything I couldn't handle,I'm strong I can do hard things but things are hard at frist and they get easier, step by step and day by day! 

3. To have a positive out look on things, no matter what happens even things get hard,

4 to be so grateful for the gospel and  choosing the right and know that I don't a need to worry as much because everything will be okay, and not taking life for granted,
5  to know that I have amazing skilled doctors ad nurses and Im grateful for modern medicine and Technology, 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Finally my surgery story

Hey everyone 
 So here is run down of why I had my surgery in the first place,mahout 2 years ago I tour my meniscus in my right knee while hiking with family after surgery we realized something was just not right, after many X-rays and MRI and my knee, one of the x rays showed that I had bad hip dysplasia in my right hip, I have always walked and ran a little weird them most people my age, My mom actually was the frist one to recognize that I had bad hip dysplasia. Earler this year in Jaurary  I went to Anaheim California  (DIsneyLand) with my family, one of the days in the parks my right hip dislocated it hurt so bad took my breath away and I was in tears could barly walk with my mom dragging me.We got back into our hotel ans my mom gave me some pain pills, inside i wasnthinking it's really time to get my hip looked at its was just to much.After returning to Salt Lake City Utah, (Sandy) where i live.MY mom had very good Insurance due to her working at the University of Utah hospital as NBICU as a nurse ( new born intensive care unit) So I have been very blessed to have Amzaing Orthopedic surgeon DR. Christopher peters who is a World renowned orthopedic surgeon over the whole inter mountain west!
after getting some X-rays and scanning done we meet with the doctor he said my case was a quite a hard case due how  messed my hips where!My doctor and mom and I wanted to schedule surgery as soon as possible, I couldn't take the pain anymore with walking and my hip popping out, my surgery was surgery  surgery was set for May 22, I was freaked about this big surgery i was about but I was at peace getting this done 

The surgery i got was 2 surgery s in one, my femur was turner, was turned 25% present the wrong way so they had to cut and twist it back the right way after that he pretty my made me a new hip from peaces of my pelvis,my surgery was about 5 hours it was a long one but very PAINFUL I had an epidural to help with pain control due to the extent of my surgery was, I came out surgery crying so hard I was in, my surgery date was moved up to April because of my condition I was in and I could barley walk so my right hip/leg surgery was set for April 9 at the university of Utah Hospital! The Sunday before my surgery I had 3 of my uncles and a 2 brothers,my dad and grandpa gave me a peristhood blessing it was bueatful. Per op went well but the surgery unit was busy I was suupost to in surgery by 10:00 but that don't happen, 12:30 I was in surgery finally I broke down, got somber versed and was out! The surgery was 5 hours, I was out under last thing I was was freaking the doctor and nurses helped out. I was in the hospital for 6 days my last 3 days where hard I had lost of blood during surgery,so I got a blood transfusion I felt a lot better after that, I was glad to have so much support,My doctor was this surgery was hardest boy he was right! The recovery was the worst pain of my life, but I stayed strong threw recovery,

 I had my 2 hip on my left hip surgery on october 22 2013, so 3 weeks ago today,my doctor said it was easier surgery and not so bad as the frist surgery, I wasn't scared at all for my 2 hip surgery because I knew what to expect and recovery was, I was in tosh orthopedic hospital for 4 days I love that place then being In a huge hospital. TOSH was very personal and layed back and together 
 at tosh, I loved my nurse at tosh much better then the university of Utah!My pain was much under control and they made me very comfortable, I got home from the hospital and was feeling good, I was more aware of my pains I had it undercontroll, I have to be on churches for about 6 weeks like my last surgery, I'm blessed to be under the amazing cafe of my family and my father in heaven

Monday, November 4, 2013

new..i like news

hello Everyone 

hope everyone is doing well!So much has happened since the last time i did a post!So sorry i haven't been posting as much i still need to learn this blogging thing!On June 25 i got a job at DI and i have LOVED IT i have learned and meet alot of amazing people there,I kept working there threw the summer, On August 15 we got a new Sandy Deseret industries its now at This is located at 825 East, 9400 South, Sandy, Utah, 84094 Now! I had to stop working at DI due to health problems and having hip surgery in a couple of months, i will be posting my feeling and progress more often. thank you!