Friday, March 29, 2013

This is hard

I have been trying to keep busy and keeping my minde off my surgery it's been helping but now I'm getting to the point where I'm getting sad I wish not upset when I am in pain.. I have been pretty depressed with friends having normal jobs and me not being able to drive and be like the normal kids at my age, no I am not playing self pity game I'm just so ready to have my surgery and begin lifting a happy healthy fun life . I miss the old me , I'm trying my best to stay strong but why do I feel so alone?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2 week

 I am counting down now i started yesterday!I am getting excited and scared because my PAO(hip dysplasia ) surgery is in 2 weeks!!oh how times by!I am on spring break this week i go back to school next week and then i will be done with school, after next week is over we only have 8 weeks of school!

Yesterday i did my foot zoning it was much needed THANK YOU WENDY i feel alot better aftet getting it done threw the rest of the week i sleep better seince doing the foot zoning,i know the recovery will be hard but this surgery is help alot in the long run but the support that i have from friends and family i can get threw this:)My hip has been hurting bad today i disloacted my hip today so i have been sore but thanks for lortab and taking it easy and having a warm bath i have been feeling good this evening. The past few days have been overwhelming for me ... Doing scrapbooking, and indexing, cleaning has taken my Mind of things :) today is so beautiful outside I love this weather spring has Arrived!!🌻

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I am NOT alone

I just wanted to say that i am so blessed and grateful for the amazing support i have from FAMILY, FRIENDS, DOCTORS AND NURSES 

                              Keri NELISON My counselor
This year my doctor and friends,family told me that i need to see a counselor because i have had depression,anxiety and have a hard time expressing my feeling for a long time,Keri is a life savor!I haven't been this happy for about 2 years,Thank your Keri,

                                                       keisha Lynch GI Doctor 
keisha has saved my life!She has been my liver and Gastroenterologist for almost a year and half she has helped my stomach feel alot better with the new pain meds i have.I love how is always understanding,loving and funny letting me know that everything's is okay with me EcT, I have the best medical team Ever!

Foot has helped with hip pain!

About a month ago my mom"s friend Wendy (my mom also visit teaches Wendy) told her about foot zone i went with my mom to learn about foot zone from Wendy who does foot zone, I have seen a big difference from starting foot zone where before it i had no energy  and just wasn't feeling well,i have had so GI Issues for about year and a half,i feel better doing FZ ( foot zone) has helped ,me mange my hip pain and Wendy has helped me alot with ANXIETY she is amazing i love her!I am looking forward to getting my hip surgery and getting out of the way,Ever seine i have started doing foot zone with Wendy i am feeling better and i have more energy and im sleeping better at night!THANK YOU WENDY!
                                                        Wendy and i

What is Foot Zone Therapy

Zone Therapy is precise, directed pressure to the various “zones” of the feet. The Zone Therapy practitioner observes the foot and interprets the “messages’ it conveys through discoloration, texture and tenderness. When a signal point is triggered within a certain zone, a message goes to the tissue or organ effected, through a reflex arc to the spinal cord and then to the brain. Discomfort is experienced in the areas of imbalance–areas where healing is needed.
Zone Therapy stimulates every organ and renews the cell system in each treatment. Zone Therapy is a holistic approach which recognizes that all of the body’s cells and organs make up a complex and interactive organism.
Zone Balance does take time. It works with the body’s own innate intelligence, and only allows the body to do what it can when it can.
It is extremely important that your Zone Therapy treatment be administered by a Certified Zone Therapist. Much more occurs during a session than meets your eye or awareness, and practitioner experience is essential to achieving the full physical, mental and emotional benefit. A session typically lasts for 40-45 minutes. Multiple and consistent sessions over a two month period are recommended to detoxify and establish the bodies restorative process. After this period, you and your therapist will determine a schedule that is based on your individual needs and overall health. You will find that your body will tell you when it’s time for a Zone.

Benefits of Foot Zone Therapy

Zone Therapy encourages the body’s natural healing capability by stimulating:
  • blood circulation
  • hormone balance
  • lymph flow
  • digestion
  • assimilation
  • elimination
  • function of the autonomic nervous system
Most important benefits include:
  • renewing cell systems
  • rejuvenating life\ energy
  • bringing the body into balance
  • assess the body’s current state of health
Anyone will benefit from Zone Therapy. People of all ages and all conditions of health can enjoy improved health and vitality. You will experience a fuller more active life and can help others do the same.

Family's are Forever

                   My family is the best!i love them so much

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Ever seince i have been little i have Always walked a like funny,On october 8 i got knee surgery to fix my laterial release and fix a tourn meniscus,the recovery was hard,doing Physical Therapy helped out alot, But my knee never "felt better " My knee surgery Dr,Smitchd pretty my messed up my knee we are not to happy about it after having my surgery hip my knee  should be doing better my surgery was originally set for MAY7  my two doctors Dr.Travis Maak and DR.Chris called  me the other day and moved m surgery up to APRIL 9 i am so excited!!! but scared i am strong! While my family and i where in califorina(Disney Land)I had poped my hip out knew something wasnt right because i was in so much pain that i would barley walk and now we know why!

but in late febuary my knee and hip started dislocating i didnt think much of it untill it happended 3 times in 1 month,after going to 2 really good knee doctor, they both said i have  Hypermobile Knees
So both doctors didnt want to do surgery because of  Hypermobile Knees.So i was refured to a speical doctor that speicalizes in my hip problems Dr. Chris Petters at the Univeristy of Utah Hospital.I had to get a An arthrogram is a series of images, often X-rays, of a joint after injection of a contrast medium. The injection is normally done under a local anesthetic.The radiologist performs the study utilizing fluoroscopy or ultrasound to guide the placement of the needle into the joint and then injects an appropriate quantity of contrast it  hurt after due to the shot  of contrast,My mom and i meet with doctor petters and his team and they hace deciteded that i need a major orthpedic hip  surgery.I have two to have surgerys  in one. The hip is a ball (the head of femur, or thigh bone) and socket (acetabulum, which is formed by the pelvis). A PAO is an operation to correct deformity of the hip, in which the acetabulum does not cover the head of femur properly. In this situation, the force across the hip joint produced by body weight during standing, walking and running is not evenly distributed and becomes concentrated abnormally. This wears away the cartilage that lines the hip joint, resulting in osteo-arthritis. Osteo-arthritis refers to degeneration of a joint such that a patient experiences pain, then stiffness then ultimately inability ot use the joint at all.
The most common cause of deformity of the hip is hip dysplasia. There are other causes, such as Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease. In a PAO, bone (osteo-) is cut (-tomy) around (peri-) the socket (-acetabular) in order to put it in a better position to cover the head of the femur. The most common type of PAO is the type developed in Berne, Switzerland (hence the name Bernese PAO) 1. The PAO is a joint-preserving operation, by contrast with a hip arthroplasty, which replaces the hip with a metal and plastic joint. The PAO is much better for a teenager or young adult (< 50 years of age) than a hip replacement2.

We have set my surgery  for april 9.My right is worse then the left, my right femer is turned 25% the worng way and i haveBAD  hip dysplasia.They are going turn my feumur and cut my pelvis in 3 places and mold it around the top of my femur to create a hip socket.They will  keep the bones with screws and put a rod in my femur the surgery will be 5 hours.This is a new procedure.Our surgeon is the formost one intermoutain west that performs this surgery.Its called hip preservation.The hope is that  100 % change that i would need a hip replacement when i am older. I am so ready for my surgery i want to walk with being in pain and not disloacting my hip,