Thursday, April 25, 2013

Only 2 weeks!

Oh my goodness ! It's only been 2 weeks since surgery I have been trying to keep the pain under control witch is hard, I didn't realize how painful this recovery would be, I am trying to be brave, I still haven't been doing good at night, last night was hard night, today was a hard day due to pain and being beyond tired is my body is feeling better because I started my period last Thursday still on it BUT oh well that's life I I just know that my body is doing the right thin that is a sign that I'm getting back to normal I hope :) I am also EATING a lot threw this recovery and I am loving eating and able to keep it down that is a pure Miracle THANK YOU it still will take time but I am slowly feeling better with the eating process ;) I have missed eating my favorite foods!

I am excited for tomorrow because my mom and I go to my first doctors appointment to see DR.Petters since
My surgery! April 9 crazy that rime had gone so fast! I Wish recovery would be faster but with how big of a surgery I just had it will take time, I would like to thank everyone who has came and saw and visited me it has really helped me! Thank you for all your prayers to I have felt them

I would also like to seriously deeply thank my mom for her taking care of me threw of my surgeries,doctor appointment, late nights helping me calm down, and sleepiness night,and telling me that everything will me okay I have grown so close to my mom. I love you so much!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Hey everyone sorry I have behind on this blog I had my surgery last Tuesday and it went good coming out of anesthesia was weird I was happy to see my mom and family! My mom was thire threw post op Sunday night threw Monday morning my blood counts here low so I had to get a blood Transfusion,I'm glad I did because I wasn't doing to well! Thank you to the doner who gave me blood to help me

My friends&family where amazing to be there for me ;) recovery has been going pretty good and I'm keeping it easy and getting the rest I need thank you for everyone support love,prayers,fasting and help I am so grateful for all my blessing !

Monday, April 8, 2013

Time now

How crap I have my surgery tomorrow I can't believe come this fast! I will update everyone on Facebook or text, I know doing this surgery is going to help kendo amazing things and getting back to normal for me! I'm excited to ride my bike ect. i am grateful for my faith that's getting threw this and my mom strength and love going helping me :)