Wednesday, January 24, 2018

just keep on swimming .

2017 was a hard for me emotionally and physically, had it ups and downs happy moments and long day but im looking forward to 2018 to what it has in store in for me.I know i will grown stronger and be brave,what ever the lord has for me to face i know heavenly father has a plan for me i love him and he loves me, and knows me and never has given me a trial that i couldn't handle or take and that im in the lords loving hands and tender care, i am so grateful for him that he died for me so that we could he here on earth

-JANUARY 14 1998-.JANUARY 14 2018 
 was such Special day it marks 20 years that nik and have been in the Bartel family what a beautiful amazing ride it has been.I am so grateful for the gift of adoption and for the dream and vision my mom had of two brown twins for our family my brother bryan was the last child my mom had but my parents said our family wasn"t completed  me after having many other promptings mt mom got a call from lds solical services  and she got twins  she knew that we where her kids and the day we went to the cort house is snighed paper work  and went to the jordan river temple to get nik and i sealed to my family <3 adoption="" font="" for="" gift="" grateful="" im="" nbsp="" of="" so="" the="">

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fixing the puzzle peaces

 i had  hip surgery for bad Hip Dysplasia  (FemoroacetabularImpingement (periacetabularOsteotomy)  on october 22 2013 I had surgery on my left leg i had a hip PAO , 
My hip  march 2013

new hips November 2013

but on June 10 2014 i had some hear ware just pins taken out because the pins where hurting and i had a bad limp while i walked that hurt! bye bye pins
pins removed june 10 2013

 But it's ok the the smallest pins where under my muscle on my right hip so they had to do more cutting I can't lift my left leg because that muscle got cut
its crazy to think just last week theses pins where inside me, My doctor said the biggest pin was the one that gave me so much pain!After having the pins removed bone and cartliges needs to grow there the holes are now from removing the pins so i am crutches for a few weeks. I am so my mom had the feeling to get my hips checked because i have always walked kinda funny and i would fall alot now i really want to be on top on getting be strength back and getting shape!


last week i got to go Heber valley girls camp, it was beautiful, and very healing,it was fun because i went it with one of my best friends Caitie, I couldn't stay overnight because i had to get hip surgery the night morning, there was a very special spirit up at camp,its amazing what gods hands crated and seeing his beauty,There was a lake we hiked to and it was very pretty it was fun to see deer just running,We where in bears and deers home see nature at its finest! I love this quote  

it was cool evening glad i had a jacket!

i love how greem its so pretty, its heaven!
I knew everything was going to be ok, as we where getting ready to go home  early i took a hard fall on to my right hip... June 9 2014 This evening I took a hard fall on my right hip it hurt bad. But know I was ok I'm in complete peace, calmness and in no pain. I'm so grateful for the power of priesthood i didn't even know the two men who gave me a blessing i felt at peace even tho i was crying, because i was scared and  had a anxiety attack ,  i had blessing up at Heber valley camp, i have never been so at peace, had  calmness and i wasn't in extreme pain, I had taken a lortab that i had in my purse im so happy i heard the little voice to put a pain pill in my purse :) i cant even explain I'm am so blessed to have so amazing people around me! I have seen heavenly fathers hand so close to me today love you all! Never be afraid to pray

Sunday, June 1, 2014

As i search the Holy Scriptures ..

As many of you know i have some learning disablitys with some reading but mostly math,but the heavenly father has blessed me with helping me understanding important scriptures that mean allot to me, With some of the health problems i have had this past year, I know that heavenly father loves each and every one of his children and cares for them,When we came to this Earth heavenly father wanted us to experience trials and learn from those trial, what have you leaved from this trails and how has it made you stronger, Do i feel closer to him? yes i do because cant you to it alone we have to rely on our faith in the lord  and lean not to our own understanding. Faith is like a seed if you have faith that seed will grow if you don't have faith that seed wont grow, i know if you have faith in the lords timing things will work out and fall into place

I went to the temple on Thursday with my mom i have been sick this week, i felt horrible but but i had a prompting to go the temple the spirit was telling Natasha you need to go to the temple, i am so grateful i didn't ignore that' little voice' because when i had entered then temple i wasn't in any pain i felt at peace and relaxed and i walking well,I know doing temple work will help and bless your life because your helping out people do there work because the couldn't do there work on there own.i know that  you can pray any time and place pr anywhere or even in your heart ant heavenly father hears and answers prayers He loves you! God gives freely if you ask  And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learnwisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in theservice of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God. Mosiah8;7 
love natasha 


I am ready for summer!

Special thanks to Casen Sperry Photography 2014
 Breezy Sperry Caitie Osborn,Osborn Family 
Summer Photos
                                                   here are photos from the photo shoot
         Smiling threw my trails                     

Over the past year has been hard for me physically&emotionally. Threw relying on the lord 

and  family i gave learned how special i am grateful all i have, this year has brought allot of changes threw my life health  wise I  am staying strong and positive 
 This year i meet Caitie Osborn threw a youth program called Special needs mutual she has been threw allot with me im so grateful for all her and her amazing family's love and support, Special thanks to her talented Sister and Brother In-Law for taking these amazing photos!
Over the past few years i have gotten really sick and have allot of weight because of stomach Infections and having a bad gal bladder which i
got removed last year and i am feeling much better from having my gal bladder out, i still have stomach problems and still have sensitive to what i can and cant ear, i still don't eat much but with all this going on last year i lost a good 25 pounds, wit call this going i also got hip surgery 2 times last year, My body has been threw allot of changes wow! Now i am ready to have a fun summer love you all!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

ER are no fun :(

hello to all 

the past week has been hard week, most of you know i have had some stomach pain , issues for the past 2 years  I just got my gal bladder out in December I feel better from not having a bad gal bladder inside of me,But last night things and pain got of out of hand the pain i was in a horrible! I had to go home early from work again due to getting sick at work for the 2 time in a week,  I went to the doctor on Tuesday got some more blood work and testing done and they are thinking i have inflammatory bowel disease/Crohns disease  my parents and family are thinking the same doctors are to,The doctors are wanting a  colonoscopy witch will be on Wednesday, But for the past week i haven't been able to keep things down or drink anything, and the pain gets worse when i eat, So yesterday i went to the emergency room because i was in so tummy much pain, they gave me morphine and meds and fluids,I had the sweetest nurse she was amazing I could tell she loved doing what she  does witch is being a ER nurse i am on pain meds now i am home and taking it easy, we are hoping and praying we find answers on Wednesday! please pray for me thanks!  Love y'all 
 Here some pics from yesterday 
They gave me some morphine and atavan,Zofran, toridol 
I feel very weak tonight oh well. This pic was before they gave me drugs 
 What's sleep again? Haven't slept for 2 nights due to Pain , let's just say I slept like a baby last night!
 I am going to take it much easier I still have very low energy and strength  

Friday, April 18, 2014

whats GOING on ?

I just have to say i am loving this warm spring weather! its been so nice out, its so much easier to clean and get things done when you have nice weather windows open and your favorite music up loud, 2 weeks ago i got called to help out in primary it has been such a blessing the kids are so close to the spirit and our Heaven father!They are so smart also i am with the 4 year olds i am an assistant to the teachers in the class the teachers happen to be my 2 best friends, I can feel the Spirit stronger in primary then relief society no offence, they kids are so in tune with music the spirit. I have also been going to special needs mutual  ever  Thursday night and  i have loved it, i have been helping out if the AIDS dont show up its okay, with working and doing SMN,and helping mom and cleaning,haning out with friends i would say im so happy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1 year already?

holy cow! just you all know i am doing well   can you  believe  its been 1 YEAR SINCE my first hip  Dyspepsia surgery crazy right?  its been almost 6 month from getting my right hip down and im doing well! The darn pins and screws are  ready to come out!  We see doctor peters at the university of Utah hospital!I  found out doctor peters is now apart of  IHC hospital like, TOSH orthopedic hospital, inter mountain!Doctor peters is the only doctor who can fix hip  Dyspepsia or HP in INTERMOUNTAIN WEST!I am very grateful that my Heavenly  father has blessed me with one  amazing doctor! I am still working at Deseret industries i went back in  January ( after having hip surgery in October) still but i will need more hip surgery to finish up repairs and removal of screws soon! So will need to take time off  I still haven't rode my bike this year but after i have my hips done soon i am for sure going to get back in shape with riding my bike and more walking hopefully running.running. Earlier this year in January My family and i went to Walt Disney world in Florida i was in a wheel chair because i was still having an hard time walking post surgery, i was only 3 months post of but we did A Lot of walking and so getting a wheel chair was a smart idea, I am doing well now and doing shorter shifts at DI because of shore hips. Thank for for everyone's support and love threw this! I am very blessed much love - TASHA 

Sunday, November 17, 2013


This week has gone by so fast, it was an okay week this week was harder week In my recovery, my favorite part of the week was the weekend! I am able to move a little more each day&each week
I have Learned a lot threw going this recovery, that I never need to be afraid!
 1. Learning to  pray to my father in heaven,and know that he hears and answers prayers 
And he understand our needs, knowing that fath is and keeping my fath string

2.knowing that a trial that we go threw can can make is stronger, and teach me lession I never knew and be able to understand new things and to able to taken them into my daily life. I know Heavenly Father would never give me anything I couldn't handle,I'm strong I can do hard things but things are hard at frist and they get easier, step by step and day by day! 

3. To have a positive out look on things, no matter what happens even things get hard,

4 to be so grateful for the gospel and  choosing the right and know that I don't a need to worry as much because everything will be okay, and not taking life for granted,
5  to know that I have amazing skilled doctors ad nurses and Im grateful for modern medicine and Technology, 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Finally my surgery story

Hey everyone 
 So here is run down of why I had my surgery in the first place,mahout 2 years ago I tour my meniscus in my right knee while hiking with family after surgery we realized something was just not right, after many X-rays and MRI and my knee, one of the x rays showed that I had bad hip dysplasia in my right hip, I have always walked and ran a little weird them most people my age, My mom actually was the frist one to recognize that I had bad hip dysplasia. Earler this year in Jaurary  I went to Anaheim California  (DIsneyLand) with my family, one of the days in the parks my right hip dislocated it hurt so bad took my breath away and I was in tears could barly walk with my mom dragging me.We got back into our hotel ans my mom gave me some pain pills, inside i wasnthinking it's really time to get my hip looked at its was just to much.After returning to Salt Lake City Utah, (Sandy) where i live.MY mom had very good Insurance due to her working at the University of Utah hospital as NBICU as a nurse ( new born intensive care unit) So I have been very blessed to have Amzaing Orthopedic surgeon DR. Christopher peters who is a World renowned orthopedic surgeon over the whole inter mountain west!
after getting some X-rays and scanning done we meet with the doctor he said my case was a quite a hard case due how  messed my hips where!My doctor and mom and I wanted to schedule surgery as soon as possible, I couldn't take the pain anymore with walking and my hip popping out, my surgery was surgery  surgery was set for May 22, I was freaked about this big surgery i was about but I was at peace getting this done 

The surgery i got was 2 surgery s in one, my femur was turner, was turned 25% present the wrong way so they had to cut and twist it back the right way after that he pretty my made me a new hip from peaces of my pelvis,my surgery was about 5 hours it was a long one but very PAINFUL I had an epidural to help with pain control due to the extent of my surgery was, I came out surgery crying so hard I was in, my surgery date was moved up to April because of my condition I was in and I could barley walk so my right hip/leg surgery was set for April 9 at the university of Utah Hospital! The Sunday before my surgery I had 3 of my uncles and a 2 brothers,my dad and grandpa gave me a peristhood blessing it was bueatful. Per op went well but the surgery unit was busy I was suupost to in surgery by 10:00 but that don't happen, 12:30 I was in surgery finally I broke down, got somber versed and was out! The surgery was 5 hours, I was out under last thing I was was freaking the doctor and nurses helped out. I was in the hospital for 6 days my last 3 days where hard I had lost of blood during surgery,so I got a blood transfusion I felt a lot better after that, I was glad to have so much support,My doctor was this surgery was hardest boy he was right! The recovery was the worst pain of my life, but I stayed strong threw recovery,

 I had my 2 hip on my left hip surgery on october 22 2013, so 3 weeks ago today,my doctor said it was easier surgery and not so bad as the frist surgery, I wasn't scared at all for my 2 hip surgery because I knew what to expect and recovery was, I was in tosh orthopedic hospital for 4 days I love that place then being In a huge hospital. TOSH was very personal and layed back and together 
 at tosh, I loved my nurse at tosh much better then the university of Utah!My pain was much under control and they made me very comfortable, I got home from the hospital and was feeling good, I was more aware of my pains I had it undercontroll, I have to be on churches for about 6 weeks like my last surgery, I'm blessed to be under the amazing cafe of my family and my father in heaven