Sunday, June 1, 2014

I am ready for summer!

Special thanks to Casen Sperry Photography 2014
 Breezy Sperry Caitie Osborn,Osborn Family 
Summer Photos
                                                   here are photos from the photo shoot
         Smiling threw my trails                     

Over the past year has been hard for me physically&emotionally. Threw relying on the lord 

and  family i gave learned how special i am grateful all i have, this year has brought allot of changes threw my life health  wise I  am staying strong and positive 
 This year i meet Caitie Osborn threw a youth program called Special needs mutual she has been threw allot with me im so grateful for all her and her amazing family's love and support, Special thanks to her talented Sister and Brother In-Law for taking these amazing photos!
Over the past few years i have gotten really sick and have allot of weight because of stomach Infections and having a bad gal bladder which i
got removed last year and i am feeling much better from having my gal bladder out, i still have stomach problems and still have sensitive to what i can and cant ear, i still don't eat much but with all this going on last year i lost a good 25 pounds, wit call this going i also got hip surgery 2 times last year, My body has been threw allot of changes wow! Now i am ready to have a fun summer love you all!

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