Sunday, November 17, 2013


This week has gone by so fast, it was an okay week this week was harder week In my recovery, my favorite part of the week was the weekend! I am able to move a little more each day&each week
I have Learned a lot threw going this recovery, that I never need to be afraid!
 1. Learning to  pray to my father in heaven,and know that he hears and answers prayers 
And he understand our needs, knowing that fath is and keeping my fath string

2.knowing that a trial that we go threw can can make is stronger, and teach me lession I never knew and be able to understand new things and to able to taken them into my daily life. I know Heavenly Father would never give me anything I couldn't handle,I'm strong I can do hard things but things are hard at frist and they get easier, step by step and day by day! 

3. To have a positive out look on things, no matter what happens even things get hard,

4 to be so grateful for the gospel and  choosing the right and know that I don't a need to worry as much because everything will be okay, and not taking life for granted,
5  to know that I have amazing skilled doctors ad nurses and Im grateful for modern medicine and Technology, 

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