Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Finally my surgery story

Hey everyone 
 So here is run down of why I had my surgery in the first place,mahout 2 years ago I tour my meniscus in my right knee while hiking with family after surgery we realized something was just not right, after many X-rays and MRI and my knee, one of the x rays showed that I had bad hip dysplasia in my right hip, I have always walked and ran a little weird them most people my age, My mom actually was the frist one to recognize that I had bad hip dysplasia. Earler this year in Jaurary  I went to Anaheim California  (DIsneyLand) with my family, one of the days in the parks my right hip dislocated it hurt so bad took my breath away and I was in tears could barly walk with my mom dragging me.We got back into our hotel ans my mom gave me some pain pills, inside i wasnthinking it's really time to get my hip looked at its was just to much.After returning to Salt Lake City Utah, (Sandy) where i live.MY mom had very good Insurance due to her working at the University of Utah hospital as NBICU as a nurse ( new born intensive care unit) So I have been very blessed to have Amzaing Orthopedic surgeon DR. Christopher peters who is a World renowned orthopedic surgeon over the whole inter mountain west!
after getting some X-rays and scanning done we meet with the doctor he said my case was a quite a hard case due how  messed my hips where!My doctor and mom and I wanted to schedule surgery as soon as possible, I couldn't take the pain anymore with walking and my hip popping out, my surgery was surgery  surgery was set for May 22, I was freaked about this big surgery i was about but I was at peace getting this done 

The surgery i got was 2 surgery s in one, my femur was turner, was turned 25% present the wrong way so they had to cut and twist it back the right way after that he pretty my made me a new hip from peaces of my pelvis,my surgery was about 5 hours it was a long one but very PAINFUL I had an epidural to help with pain control due to the extent of my surgery was, I came out surgery crying so hard I was in, my surgery date was moved up to April because of my condition I was in and I could barley walk so my right hip/leg surgery was set for April 9 at the university of Utah Hospital! The Sunday before my surgery I had 3 of my uncles and a 2 brothers,my dad and grandpa gave me a peristhood blessing it was bueatful. Per op went well but the surgery unit was busy I was suupost to in surgery by 10:00 but that don't happen, 12:30 I was in surgery finally I broke down, got somber versed and was out! The surgery was 5 hours, I was out under last thing I was was freaking the doctor and nurses helped out. I was in the hospital for 6 days my last 3 days where hard I had lost of blood during surgery,so I got a blood transfusion I felt a lot better after that, I was glad to have so much support,My doctor was this surgery was hardest boy he was right! The recovery was the worst pain of my life, but I stayed strong threw recovery,

 I had my 2 hip on my left hip surgery on october 22 2013, so 3 weeks ago today,my doctor said it was easier surgery and not so bad as the frist surgery, I wasn't scared at all for my 2 hip surgery because I knew what to expect and recovery was, I was in tosh orthopedic hospital for 4 days I love that place then being In a huge hospital. TOSH was very personal and layed back and together 
 at tosh, I loved my nurse at tosh much better then the university of Utah!My pain was much under control and they made me very comfortable, I got home from the hospital and was feeling good, I was more aware of my pains I had it undercontroll, I have to be on churches for about 6 weeks like my last surgery, I'm blessed to be under the amazing cafe of my family and my father in heaven

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