Friday, April 18, 2014

whats GOING on ?

I just have to say i am loving this warm spring weather! its been so nice out, its so much easier to clean and get things done when you have nice weather windows open and your favorite music up loud, 2 weeks ago i got called to help out in primary it has been such a blessing the kids are so close to the spirit and our Heaven father!They are so smart also i am with the 4 year olds i am an assistant to the teachers in the class the teachers happen to be my 2 best friends, I can feel the Spirit stronger in primary then relief society no offence, they kids are so in tune with music the spirit. I have also been going to special needs mutual  ever  Thursday night and  i have loved it, i have been helping out if the AIDS dont show up its okay, with working and doing SMN,and helping mom and cleaning,haning out with friends i would say im so happy!

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